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PRECIOUS IN HIS SIGHT - Hope-Filled Promise For Aborted, Still-born, and Miscarried Babies

PRECIOUS IN HIS SIGHT - Hope-Filled Promise For Aborted, Still-born, & Miscarried Babies

Rev. Don Horban
Luke 1:35-44, 56

The Word of God always does more than shine light into the moral issues of the day, showing right from wrong. It also brings hope, healing and freedom. It brings hope to those who feel they will never live fully again. And I want to offer hope to three different situations today:

a) There is hope for those who may have already had an abortion. 

My heart goes out to those who have made the tragic decision to take the life of their pre-born child. The more they think about it, and the longer they live with it, the more they begin to ask "What have I done?" Perhaps out of fear of an uncertain future or perhaps through the very strong pressure of some pro-choice organizations they rushed into what they thought would be a very easy solution.

b) God's Word also offers hope for people who have planned, prepared and prayed for a baby they never got to keep.

There is a particular pain in remembering babies who were still-born or lived for only a few hours. They seemed to have barely arrived and were gone. Does the Bible address this? Do we have more to cling to than our own private wishes?

c) In a church like ours there are many parents who longed for a baby only to discover that 2, 3, or even 4 months into the  pregnancy they miscarried.

They're left feeling broken and, unexplainably at times, even guilty. They can't stifle the questions: "Did I do something wrong?","Was this an act of God?", "Should I ever get my hopes up again?" 

Is there anything directly from the Scriptures that speaks to these delicate, painful issues? That's what we want to consider today.

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