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Celebrate Recovery
Every Monday Night - 52 Weeks A Year

Celebrate Recovery runs every Monday Night from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Everyone is welcome!



Celebrate Recovery is a Christ centered 12 step program for those who are ready to embark on a journey of real and lasting change

Do you have a Hurt, Hang-up or Habit?

Do you believe, or want to believe in God, yet can’t seem to?
Do you want to trust God with your whole life, yet live in fear?
If you are honest, do you know you are not happy?
Is serenity only an ideal; seldom experienced?
Do you find your personal life is troubled?
Are your relationships clouded by conflict and confusion?
Do you find people in your life can’t understand you?
Do others not love you as you feel you should be loved?
Do you have resentments, anger, fear or loneliness?
Do you have persistent feelings of low self worth, shame, guilt?
Do you have recurring pain about relationships and living in general?
Have you tried to change your behaviours without success?
Have you tried to change the behaviours of people around you?
Have your even called God in on the struggle to change those close to you or yourself without apparent result?
Do those whom you try to “help” not cooperate?
Do you feel angry or hurt, asking, ”Why do they resent me”?
Do you think, “They should just do what I say”?
Do you tell others, “I am only trying to help them”?
Have you realized that you can’t even fix your own pain?
Do your prayers for God’s help not relieve the pain?
Have you not told anyone of your secret pain?
Does life not respond to your manipulations?
Are you realizing you don’t have the needed power?
Are you lacking spiritual resources to overcome the pain?
Do you have a difficulty and want to change?



To explore whether or not Celebrate Recovery may hold some advantage for your life simply ask yourself whether you or someone you are in a close relationship with may: _______________________________

Do too much

Owe too much
Work too much
Exercise too much
Spend too much
Lust too much or too often
Sleep too much
Fantasize too much/often
Grieve too long
Gamble too much
Use illicit drugs too often
Feel used too often
Act compulsively too often
Become sad too often
Lose control too often
Become jealous too often
Get manipulated too often
Be too early too often
Feel guilty too often
Feel hopeless
Feel trapped too often
Feel unloved too often
Feel like a failure too often
Eat too much

Worry too much
Give to others too much
Drink too much
Care too much
Smoke too much
Rush too much
Obsess too much
Diet too much/often
Seek excitement too often
Yell or scream too often
Get angry too often
Act sexually inappropriately
Be greedy too often
Feel overwhelmed
Feel envious too often
Be anxious or afraid
Be late too often
Feel resentful too often
Feel lonely too often
Feel unlovable
Feel worthless too often
Feel unattractive
Feel unforgivable too often
Play video games too much

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